we are energy in a wave of energy

My theory

My theory could not be simpler; we are energy in a wave of energy. That is reality. Our own bodies and all matter consist of atoms -which are combined empty space and immense energy. The universe began with a ‘big bang’ of energy -how did energy become our perceived reality of space? Mankind once saw his cosmos as a ‘box of space’; a ‘heaven’ above and a ’hell’ below. He walked on a flat Earth suspended between the two, careful not to fall off. Today he perceives himself on a sphere of matter still floating within that same ‘box of space’ and believes he doesn’t ‘fall off’ due to ‘four dimension space time’ that somehow produces gravity from matter. Einsteins’ equations are proven correct –but his theory never explains or even considers either space or time. Science still doesn’t –while the quantum realm contains equally compelling and verifiable equations which do not suitably align with space time theory. Mans view of his world is primitive; he ‘looks out’ in 3 dimensions to naturally see a ‘box of space’. But our eyes don’t look out anywhere. Our eyes receive incoming energy and our brain projects a static box of space ‘out there’. Try thinking dynamically. Recognize you’re in a flow of energy which produces a dynamic 3D ‘mirage’ -a ‘virtual world’ our mind interprets as this static 3D ‘box of space’. It’s an illusion! Energy IS space; the recent work of physicists Smolin & Rovelli mathematically prove this! The flow of that energy is what we experience as time. We’re in flowing energy, continuing instants are time, not in static ‘space’. The past is in our memory, the future in imagination. You can change your perspective to ‘dynamic’ by picturing your living room, but instead of seeing yourself in a static 3D box, picture it and yourself as ongoing bursts of energy. Note you are now flowing -always forward = time -rather like being ‘in a movie’. This will come to feel completely natural, as time takes its’ place in your reality. I don’t dispute Einsteins’ equations. My astounding realization was: human perception of reality is wrong. Our world is a very persistent, seemingly solid and static ongoing illusion! A big bang became a quantum wave of energy and our illusory world springs from that energy. Understanding space and time can correctly explain relativity and the constant velocity of light. Einstein equations apply to that ‘box of space’ –the illusion. Space time is the imaginary explanation for that illusion. The equations give correct answers –for the wrong reasons. My theory gives the same answers [‘space bends’ and time slows] -for very different reasons: ‘tricky’ to grasp due to the minds’ misperception –but they’re understandable. Beginning with Newton I rely on the work of others to present this explanation. Brilliant ideas were ignored in the past as Einstein equations and ‘4D’were accepted as the ultimate answer. Others have already done the math or developed the theories; I am merely re-introducing them or modifying ideas to fit. This allows an understandable explanation for mass, matter, and gravity –still misunderstood a century post ‘space time’. And the ultimate demonstration; it readily combines the quantum realm and astrophysics –explaining wave-particle duality, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, ‘spooky action at a distance’ and more! My contribution to science is the correct perception of reality. I rely heavily on metaphors to help you ‘see’ it’. It can be ‘a bit tricky’ to grasp what I’m trying to show you, you’re struggling within your own mind and this universe is the most intricate puzzle you’ll ever encounter. No math is required, but an enthusiast level of physics is, and a logical thinking mechanism is absolutely necessary. I also take credit for the understanding of time while my ideas of how time relates at the beginning of everything were influenced by a remark by Roger Penrose. This ‘theory’ requires concentrated effort on the readers’ part, but the reward is to be the first in humankind to know how one circles a spherical world without falling off –and that is only the simplest beginning. The entire understanding is ‘stunning’! [Newtons’ laws? Entropy? Expanding universe –dark matter/energy? Time travel ? Instant communication with cosmic intelligences? Unlimited energy?]
I wrote my initial thoughts as a book: ‘Einstein Corrected –The Space Time Illusion’ to hopefully explain my ideas and how I reached them to other interested amateurs. I followed that with ‘Correcting Science’ to compare/contrast those ideas to mainstream sciences’ journey post ‘space time’. I have understood the reality of energy and mans’ misperception for some years now –it’s very ‘obvious’ to me, but it’s so deviously hidden at the end of our nose, I have found it difficult to convey that understanding to others. I have added ‘Essays on Perspective’ to help others ‘see what I’m saying’ by varying my attempts to get the reader outside his normal perspective. Start wherever you like. When you perceive yourself dynamically strolling in bursts of energy flowing forward in time as opposed to strolling forward and backward through a static 4D space time box you will totally ‘get it’. Everything will become equally obvious to you!